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We create handcrafted pieces made by artisans who transform raw materials into personal expressions. Finding inspiration in wood reclaimed from centuries-old buildings, we build our pieces one detail at a time, imparting a unique sense of heritage, sustainability, and craftsmanship into everything we do.


A number of our collections are made from reclaimed wood, taken from either solid pine shipping pallets or architectural information and shipyards. By using substances like hand-carved window frames, door lintels, and railings, we are equally preserving natural resources and giving new life to traditional woodworking and ornamentation.



Soft Art Online offers an extensive collection of corporate and residential furniture from some of the world’s best-known brands of furniture designers and manufacturers.



Shades of Light has a broad range of area rugs to match every decor with our high standards for quality and style.



Chandeliers aren’t only for dining rooms anymore! The flexibility of chandelier lighting has allowed it to venture out beyond the formal rooms and can serve as a striking visual centerpiece.


What you need to know before installing a garage Door

What you need to know before installing a Garage Door The garage door is an essential component of your house; you can park your car in there or turn it into a home office. Since this is a long-term investment, you will need to consider various options before settling on the right one. It is crucial when buying a garage door that you get quotes from multiple vendors and compare features and prices. This guide will help you when are shopping for a garage door. Wood Doors These doors look good from the outside but require a lot of maintenance. Wooden doors need a coating for that natural finish. If you do not have the time for regular maintenance, then you may consider an embossed steel door that has a...

Factors to consider before installing Garage Door windows

Factors to consider before installing Garage Door windows You have installed the right garage door for your home -but something is missing. Its dark and you cannot find your way inside during the day. It could be the right time to install windows to your garage door. They allow natural light to enter your garage. You can also admire the surroundings without going outside. However, before you get ahead of yourself and start ordering window frames, please read these tips that will inform your decisions and purchase. Reason for window placement The garage door is divided into sections with a 3rd and 4th. The reasons why you are adding the windows will determine where you place them. If your garage door is dark and you want some natural light then...

Simple Home Improvement Ideas that everyone should know

Home improvement ideas are something that we need on a regular basis. Home is where the heart is, and thereby it is important that you know some hacks in order to keep your home a peaceful and a beautiful place to live. Why is a home improvement anyway a requirement? Can’t we just keep it clean and get over it? Yeah, keeping the house spotless is important, but at the same time, our requirements keep changing and sometimes with these improvement ideas we can home our home a more flexible place to reside. So here are some of the home improvement ideas that you will want to implement right away. 5 Simple home improvement ideas: It’s always your bathroom and kitchen: If there are two places that we always ignore...

Ideas for Decorating your Home with Artwork

A simple artwork can always elevate the look of your house. It is just that sometimes we run out of ideas and go for the regular and the commonly found ideas. So here we are listing some of the rare ideas that most people haven’t taken into their houses yet. So in the event that you are implementing them, you will be one among the few who would have it in their houses. So let’s see what these decorating ideas are: Bookshelf and a portrait: A bookshelf by itself is a piece of art. Bookshelves are never something that represents a nerd, unlike what most people think. A bookshelf is a sign of literature, and the type of bookshelf that you have can display your sense of artwork as well....

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